DDL Treats was founded in 2022 and inspired by my wish for my dogs to have fresh, high-quality treats. DDL stands for Dallas and Dixie Long - my two sweet pups.

My wish for them to have the absolute best inspired these pumpkin and turkey treats.

In 2020, Dallas became severely ill and was diagnosed with diabetes requiring daily insulin shots. This required a change to his food and treats.  I wanted to be certain any treats he got were extra special and high-quality so I created these treats.

Knowing Dallas and Dixie enjoyed seasonal pumpkin treats and that pumpkin is good for a dog’s digestion, creating a pumpkin based treat for them was number one priority. I decided to go with turkey as a second flavor. The treats are made by a process that gives them a slightly chewy texture like brownies.

Encouraged by family and friends, I decided to start my own business and make these treats available to other dogs and their owners.

I hope your puppy loves these treats as much as Dallas and Dixie!
Amy Long